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Tired. People'd the helling fuck OUT. Introvert Burn Out. Seriously, people IRL Go the FUCK AWAY. I'm exhausted, hurting, and just done. I'm barely hanging on from not screaming and starting to cry and throwing things. I'm exhausted and have totally reached my fucking limit of social interaction today.

Yet? I can't hole up somewhere and not people. No, I'm expected to sit behind this counter and fucking *smile* and sell people magic cards and candy bars while the husband plays in a tourney. I've been at the paying job since 8 am this morning, got done at three (on time for fucking once) and came in to do THIS. I will be here til 11 pm tonight.

And I still have two more days of the job that pays starting @ 8 AM. And having to be nice, and smile, and make small talk and interact. I don't want to people anymore. No, just no. Nooo. I need downtime and quiet time and NO PEOPLE. But I'm not going to get it for another two days, and then I will probably have to deal with well meaning but dense that doesn't get why I want to be LEFT THE FUCK ALONE ON MY DAY OFF.

I'm just DONE with dealing with outside and peoples expecting me to Extrovert and be cheerful. So ready to tell the next person to fuck off.
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At times, I swear I have far too many plot bunnies roiling around in my head. I currently have on my plate : A 00Q (James Bond) long piece, a Snarry long piece, and an AoS Star Trek piece that is about half-way written. Why do I do this to myself?

I love to write, but it seems like I never finish stories. Which is why I am doing my darnedest to actually write these current three to completion before I post them to Ao3. And then I got bitten by a plot bunny that went "What if an older HP were thrown back into time, into an Alternate Universe at the tail end of this fifth year with different friends?"

So I have that partially outlined. Ugh. My brain is constantly spitting stuff like this out. Why me? ^_^


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