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HecatesKiss ([personal profile] hecateskiss) wrote2017-04-10 04:16 pm
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Musing Thoughts...

At times, I swear I have far too many plot bunnies roiling around in my head. I currently have on my plate : A 00Q (James Bond) long piece, a Snarry long piece, and an AoS Star Trek piece that is about half-way written. Why do I do this to myself?

I love to write, but it seems like I never finish stories. Which is why I am doing my darnedest to actually write these current three to completion before I post them to Ao3. And then I got bitten by a plot bunny that went "What if an older HP were thrown back into time, into an Alternate Universe at the tail end of this fifth year with different friends?"

So I have that partially outlined. Ugh. My brain is constantly spitting stuff like this out. Why me? ^_^